About Us

About Us

Corporate Culture

We always persist in the conception of continuous and eternal management since 1992 when the company was founded. After devoting great efforts on plastic sheeting production and research for high quality products, we have got ISO-9001 certificate. Now we are trying hard to build all system procedure and to get consumer satisfaction.

On production:
Implement the standardization and systematization, streamline the equipments and ensure quality to build a brand image.
On supervision:
Continuously pursue simplification and rationalization policy to act employees take full use upon their specialties and develop with the company.
On management:
With the managing goal of expanding global market, we shall endeavor and promote market competition ability to meet consumers' need. So as to create more prosperous future on the current basis.

Management Philosophy
Production systematization  Management rationalization  Benefit popularization

Practice manufacturers' duty Contribute to social living and culture
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