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Cautious Evaluation

Cautious Evaluation

Attention to Detail
Strict quality control

For quality control policy of ISO9001, we must actively carry out well-quality control education and training, to implement self-examination and quality control task. We believe that, only prudential control and examination of scientific apparatus, the goal of high quality can be gained.

Quality policy

Advanced Development
With the arrival of the knowledge-based economy, business success depends on management of information and advancement of technology.
RICH-BIG incorporates the latest technology and equipment to stay abreast of the industry.

A key to be succeed of a company is organizing the distribution of work and building cooperation among specialized teams. RICH-BIG is a management team that work independently and collaboratively. Each department is strictly divided in terms of duties and seeks maximum benefits for the company and customers.

The key method of business management is to understand the needs of customers and to meet the demands. In this process, profit can be made and the brand image can be built. RICH-BIG has always held customers in the utmost respect. We base our decisions on customers’ demand and thoroughly satisfy each need for changes in colors, specific physical characteristics, chemical characteristics and conditions for product output. RICH-BIG always strives to understand the needs of customers, and we do our best to meet those demands.

Advanced Instruments
Quality Assured

Advanced instruments
For quality consistency, automatic computer supervising and controlling system is used in producing process. At the same time automatic radiation detection equipment is available to ensure excellent thickness and flatness.

As a plastic sheet supplier, RICH-BIG provides high quality products to meet customer’s need. and due to our insistence, the excellent plastic products are easily to be found in the market, such as Tablecloth, Shower Curtain, Bedspread, Suit Cover, CD cover, Surgical clothing, Isolation gown, Shopping bag, Raincoat, Table mat, Waterproof film, Protective film...etc..

Continuously hard-working, RICH-BIG offers high quality and multi-application products to bring the convenience and savor into our life.